I Am Not Dead!

I was asked the other day if I was dead, since I haven’t posted anything in like a month or so now. The simple answer is, I’m alive! The paying gig has been busy lately but really, I haven’t posted the weekly reviews in a while because there simply haven’t been enough good releases in the last few weeks to write about.

But, I’m going to get back to the remixed and remastered Tidal catalogs very soon and I’m currently putting together my end-of-year best album list (which will be posted on 1/1/2020 – not before, like all other outlets trying to get a jump on things because you know, the year hasn’t ended yet, which to me is essential for a year-end list.

2020 will bring some new things to the table – tossing a few things around right now to see what sticks and what I have the motivation to do. But for those that have reached out to me – you’ll see posts from me coming soon. And thank you. It’s nice to know people actually are interested now and again.

—– Steed