Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Hov’ … well, wait, it’s not. But H to the O to the V to the A will come up again in a moment. If you’ve stumbled across this by accident, this blog has nothing to do with dressage, horsemanship, Shrek, any particular Avenger (look it up), nor porn star Jake Steed. It will be about music and lots of it.

Dave Steed is the name and music is my game. And once I get past all these cheesy intro statements, what you’ll find is a blog from a dude that not only loves music but also loves talking about it.

For the last three years or so, I’ve been taking a musical trek through the world of Tidal. See, this is where HOVA comes into play since he co-owns the thing. If you are unaware, Tidal is one of a gadzillion streaming music services. They also happen to be my choice of service. They haven’t paid me to say this. And until I get one more follower than Ariana Grande, I won’t hold my breath on that one either.

Back in 2016, I decided to start on a trek through artists’ catalog by streaming their records on Tidal. My goal was to start listening to the full array of albums from established artists in chronological order, not only to expand my musical horizons but to hear an artist grow throughout their career. At some point, I decided that I should then rank them and even chat about a few, and thus my Tidal trek began.

Over the course of three years, I completed 250 of these treks and posted them all to Facebook. But Facebook is a bit limiting for stuff like this, so I’ve decided to start my own page instead. In addition to the catalog treks, in 2019, I decided to start streaming a lot of new releases as well.

What I’m going to do is slowly transfer all the Tidal catalog treks over to this page, some as is and some expanded. The early ones were just a ranking or a short summary while the later ones have been pretty detailed, so I’d like to expand them out a little bit since I don’t have as many limitations here. I’m also going to review a lot of new music and post that here as well. The first few months, you’ll likely see a LOT of posts due to me catching up from the start but they’ll be archived now, so you can check them out as you see fit.

Leave comments, chat with me about the releases, tell me which ones you like and which ones you don’t – and the reason for your opinions. You likely won’t agree with mine and that’s great, because they are mine. They aren’t right, they aren’t wrong. They are just mine, like yours are yours. So feel free to disagree with me because that’s the way all lists go but at least tell me why. Fair? Good, we’re in agreement there.

And….so let the trek re-begin.
– The Trusty Steed

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