Tidal Catalog #35 (Update #1): Nas

The fun part of these Tidal catalogs is that they are living documents. As new official records get released, I will go ahead and update them moving forward so that it always stays current. You can reference the original post, here.

  • King’s Disease (8.5)

After Nasir (2018) was produced by Kanye, Nas recalculated and brought in producer Hit Boy to create the beats – all of them, which means you have a rare thing in the rap world, a super consistent sound throughout an album. Mostly understated with R&B, jazz and classical elements in the beats, Nas is on point on this record, which is very good from start to finish. This includes one of the top rap songs of the year in “Ultra Black.” Nas has all the talent in the world but only puts it all together on occasion but this is certainly one of them.

Summary: 16 albums, average 7.4

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