Tidal Catalog #38 (Update #1) – Bon Jovi

The fun part of these Tidal catalogs is that they are living documents. As new official records get released, I will go ahead and update them moving forward so that it always stays current. You can reference the original post, here.

  • 2020 (3)

Giving a three to the year 2020 would be an overstatement so at least the 2020 album from Bon Jovi beats that. I didn’t have to mask up while listening to it, no one had to stand six feet away from me and I actually left the house and listened to it. So, winning, on that front at least. But as far as the record goes – what a load of shit this is.

It’s time to pack it in, seriously, Jon. Bon Jovi the group is so far from what they used to be that it’s not even the same band any longer. This is adult contemporary music for grandmas. There’s zero pulse on this record, especially on the soooo dull and slow second half of the disc.

The album was originally supposed to come out in Q1 I believe and was pushed back due the pandemic and during that down time, Jon wrote “Do What You Can” specifically about Covid-19 (so yeah, that won’t age well) and “American Reckoning” about George Floyd’s death and support of the Black Lives Matter movement (and yeah, sadly that will likely still be relevant 20 years from now). With that, he re-did the track order and dropped two songs from the album, which feels odd considering it’s only a 10 song album to begin with. But the simple fact is that Bon Jovi has lost all the energy that made them superstars in the first place. Richie Sambora not being with the band hurts but Jon writes the songs, so I blame this on him. It’s time to quarantine the band for good, in my mind.

Summary: 20 albums, 5.5 average.

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