Songs of the Week: 7/24/2020

Every week, I listen to the all the records in the Tidal “Suggested New Albums” carousel. Every album gets at least two tracks from me (not counting an intro). If I like the two tracks, I listen to the rest of the record. If I don’t, I move on to the next. Most artists put their best tracks up front, so I figure if I don’t like the first two enough to keep going, then I might as well move on. And that’s how I pick my songs of the week. If it’s not in that carousel, then I don’t get to hear it (apart from a random Prince single now and again!)

So… songs of the week for the release date of 7/24/2020

  • Artist: Taylor Swift
  • Song: “Betty”
  • Album: Folklore
  • Genre: Pop
  • Notes: Well, I mean, what good would this be if I didn’t put a new track from a surprise Taylor Swift record in here. The album is what you make of it – a whopping 16 tracks of mellow pop/folk-ish records that meander along harmlessly. It’s a weird record where none of the songs are bad but I felt like I had spent hours and hours trying to get through it.
  • Artist: The Naked and Famous
  • Song: “Sunseeker”
  • Album: Recover
  • Genre: Indie Electronic
  • Notes: Recover is the 4th record from New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous and is filled with catchy pop and electronic tunes, though a bit long with 15 tracks.
  • Artist: Neon Trees
  • Song: “Nights”
  • Album: I Can Feel You Forgetting Me
  • Genre: Pop/Rock
  • Notes: Shit, this is like a 2020 version of a Kenny Loggins soundtrack tune from the mid-80s. So addicting.
  • Artist: MisterWives
  • Song: “whywhywhy”
  • Genre: Indie Pop
  • Notes: Between Neon Trees and this, I am hearing 80s pop influence everywhere!
  • Artist: Logic
  • Song: “GP4”
  • Album: No Pressure
  • Genre: Rap
  • Notes: My 11-year old son says that Logic is “trash” and “done with” – so I guess it makes sense that his 44-year old Dad still likes him. Logic, you on the Dad circuit now.
  • Artist: Sarah Reeves
  • Song: “Heart First”
  • Album: Paradise
  • Genre: Pop
  • Notes: This 31-year old singer who looks like she’s 16 has always been a contemporary Christian artist but it seems like she’s decided to crossover to the dark side and become a pop artist now. And this 4 song EP is a great start.
  • Artist: Jim Gaffigan
  • Song: “Moose – Canadian American”
  • Album: The Pale Tourist
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Notes: There aren’t too many comedy records that end up in the recommended carousel but I’m happy to see this one as I think Gaffigan is an incredibly funny and unique comic. The album is filled with tracks about different countries – the first part being all about Canada – and it’s funny as hell, eh.

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