Songs of the Week – 1/10/2020

In 2019, I was listening to every new release that came up on the Tidal streaming service. I would listen to the first two tracks at a minimum. If those didn’t strike some kind of chord, I moved on to the next one. If they did, I listened to the full album and then reviewed it here.

For 2020, I’m going to change it up a bit so that I can introduce the masses to more great new music that I can’t always put to words in album form. I’m still going to listen to all those records but instead of writing up full albums, I’m simply going to post links to “songs of the week.” This way, I can point out many more great songs and you can then go and hunt more tunes down yourself if you so choose.

So… songs of the week for the release date of 1/10/2020.

  • Artist: The Dogs
  • Song: “The Moment of Truth”
  • Album: Crossmaker
  • Genre: Punk/Post Punk
  • Notes: Blistering punk and post-punk on the album, which is this Norwegian band’s 5th overall.
  • Artist: Redman
  • Song: “Its a Banguh”
  • Album: 3 Joints EP
  • Genre: Rap
  • Notes: As we all wait for Muddy Waters 2 to arrive, Redman (one of the greatest rappers alive) has snuck in three new tracks. This one uses the beat from “Da Rockwilder” which is one of my favorite tunes of all time and since that original with Meth & Red was only like a minute-and-a-half long, frankly, this could be the ending to make that a real full length song.
  • Artist: Apocalyptica
  • Song: “Cell-O”
  • Album: Cell-O
  • Genre: Symphonic Rock
  • Notes: Hard to believe these guys played Metallica covers way back in 1996. This is the 9th record from these guys and it doesn’t seem like they will stop anytime soon considering they are working with original material now. They’ve experimented with vocalists for a while but with this, they are back to Cellos and percussion. Fuck the vocals, instrumental is the way these guys are meant to be.
  • Artist: Poppy
  • Song: “I Disagree”
  • Album: I Disagree
  • Genre: Electropop / Heavy Metal
  • Notes: Yes, not pop-metal but pop and then heavy metal. Poppy is this adorable little 25-year old Boston, MA model. This is her 4th album and from what I read, everyone of them is a different sound (Ambient/Artpop/Vaporwave/Synth-pop/electropop/metal). I Disagree is that metal record. There are moments are really heavy and I wouldn’t hesitate to call metal at all. Other moments are pure pop, some are industrial etc… individual songs often jump into multiple genres throughout. Won’t be for everyone but thoroughly interesting. It’s like she was bred from Andrew W.K. and Baby Metal.
  • Artist: The Big Moon
  • Song: “Don’t Think”
  • Album: Walking Like We Do
  • Genre: Indie Rock
  • Notes: All-girl, 4-piece from London; A huge hook filled indie rock/pop sound with some creative lyrical content.
  • Artist: Georgia
  • Song: “Never Let You Go”
  • Album: Seeking Thrills
  • Genre: Electropop
  • Notes: Georgia (from London) has released her second album of electropop and this track is simply infectious.
  • Artist: Circa Waves
  • Song: “Be Your Drug”
  • Album: Happy
  • Genre: Indie pop/rock
  • Notes: They are releasing two EPs this year – Happy and Sad, to make the full Happy Sad disc. This coming less than a year after their previous album. This EP is filled with upbeat radio ready rock tunes.
  • Artist: Michael Malarkey
  • Song: “Graveracer”
  • Album: Graveracer
  • Genre: Indie Rock
  • Notes: Malarkey is a British actor best known for a role in the Vampire Diaries. I never expect much from an actor turning to music but the album is pretty solid, mid-tempo indie rock. There’s a darkness about the music that makes me think back to the 80s goth rock, with Bauhaus, Love and Rockets etc…
  • Artist: Tenille Arts
  • Song: “Wild Love”
  • Album: Love, Heartbreak & Everything In Between
  • Genre: Country Crossover
  • Notes: This is the second album from this country singer from Canada, eh. It’s got pretty much the same general vibe as the Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town type artists have, so I have to think you’ll be hearing from her more in the future.
  • Artist: Aiming for Enrike
  • Song: “Don’t Hassle the Hoff”
  • Album: Music for Working Out
  • Genre: Instrumental Electrorock
  • Notes: A duo from Oslo, Norway, these guys play drums and guitar with tons of pedals, effects and loops to get their off-the-wall crazy electrorock sound. I might have to start working out to see if this is really music for that. On the surface, it seems like to keep up, I’d have to go faster than I’ve ever gone – and that leads to a torn groin. I just feel it now. Well, hopefully I will never feel that.
  • Artist: Stormzy
  • Song: “Disappointed / Still Disappointed”
  • Album: N/A
  • Genre: Grime
  • Notes: Some loosey tracks for 2020 from Stormzy who had just release an album in 2019. I do love me some Grime (UK brand of Hip Hop) and Stormzy is one of the best making that style right now.

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