New Music 2/1/19

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Completed New Music Week 5 through Tidal.

Each Friday release day, I’m going to download 5 albums with the only criteria being name recognition or the best pieces of cover art and review them. These are the releases of 2/1.

Song of the week: Emily King – “Can’t Hold Me”
  • Album: Emily King – Scenery
  • Previous knowledge: One track, “Believer”
  • Chosen: Name recognition
  • Review: Last week, Will Myers told me to listen to “Believer” from King’s previous record The Switch, because it sounded like Prince. And it totally sounded like Prince. And here you go, a new record a week later. Without that recommendation, I would have never chosen this album. So, thanks Will, because this album is divine. King has a wonderful voice and creates catchy R&B and pop music. She takes a lot of chances as well. This could be on the radio and yet at the same time might be a little edgy for it as well. But since the radio is never an indication of good music, that really doesn’t matter much. This is totally worth every moment of your time.
  • Ranking: 10/10
Emily King’s “Teach You”
  • Album: Broods – Don’t Feed the Pop Monster
  • Previous Knowledge: None
  • Chosen: The horrible album name
  • Review: Broods are a New Zealand electropop group, with two previous major label albums on Capitol. This album comes out on Neon Gold, which is distributed by Atlantic – so still sort of a major label release. They are a brother and sister duo, electronic based and a bit danceable while still maintaining a bit of an indie vibe. Their previous two albums have went to #1 in New Zealand. Here in the US, they charted but really anything that sells like 100 copies charts now. They’ve had a couple hits on the US alternative charts but I guess I’ve been ignoring that for long enough that I don’t recognize any of them. This album though, definitely worth your time if you like your keyboard driven pop, despite the name of the record.
  • Ranking: 9/10
Broods’ “Why Do You Believe Me?”
  • Album: Boy Harsher – Careful
  • Previous Knowledge: None
  • Chosen: The weird moniker peaked my interest
  • Review: I had no idea what to expect out of this one but after listening to it, it’s pretty easy to tell you what it is. If you like Black Celebration era Depeche Mode, you should like this. Boy Harsher are a dark electronic duo from Massachusetts. Not sure what any of their other music sounds like but this is very much for 80s Depeche Mode fans.
  • Ranking: 8.5/10
Boy Harsher’s “Come Closer”
  • Album: Deer Tick – Mayonnaise
  • Previous knowledge: None
  • Chosen: Name recognition, though I had never heard anything from them.
  • Review: I knew the name Deer Tick but had no idea what to expect from them. That named screamed out to me that I was going to get some freak out experimental noise rock but that’s not Deer Tick at all. They seem to be a mix of indie rock, alternative, Americana, folk and other genres. This album in particular is all over the map, from true folk music, to rock to a tune like “Hey! Yeah!” which is like straight off an 80s Dwight Twilley record. Interesting mix but not for me.
  • Ranking: 7/10
Deer Tick’s “Hey! Yeah!”
  • Album: Dangerface – Get Loud!
  • Previous knowledge: None
  • Chosen: Album art – a dangerous looking octopus or other sea creature creeping out of the sea to attack.
  • This is kind of what I expected Deer Tick to sound like – loud, boisterous, noisy and in your face. I mean, I would have been completely disappointed if this wasn’t dangerous or loud (at least) based on the group name and album title. Somewhere between punk and hardcore, this is pretty in your face but also has a lot of melody and hooks throughout. Nothing that hasn’t been done before but at least it’s done competently.
  • Ranking: 8/10
Dangerface’s “Let It Burn”

Albums ranked 10/10 in 2019 (in order of release date)

1. Terror Jr. – Unfortunately, Terror Jr.

2. Emily King, Scenery

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